Sketches Auditorium

To the information that appears in several publications dedicated to the work of D. José María Fenollera Ibáñez, in the sense of considering this painter as author of sketches that would reflect the paintings in the ceiling of the Auditorium of the University of Santiago de Compostela, the heirs to the marriage of D. Urbano González Varela and Ms. Carmen Garcia Arbuthnot manifest the error incurred in this regard , since the real author of these sketches was the painter member of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de A Coruña D. Urbano González Varela.

They made this statement on the basis of the following considerations:

  1. The twenty-fourth of March one thousand nine hundred five certification was issued by the Ministry of public instruction and fine arts where there is a paragraph that literally says: “in addition and by means of public tender, was recently awarded by this Ministry commissioned to paint three large canvases for the roof of the Auditorium of the said University”. According to the above urban was the successful bidder of the work. This certification is currently in the General archive of the administration of the State. Obviously this custom — to be awarded to urban is because it had to submit some original sketches that would be based the final work that after sharecropping in the ceiling of the Auditorium. The existence of this certification on behalf of Urbano González Varela ensures the authorship of the sketches that is mentioned, since otherwise it would not be possible. Also to be noted that such an award was granted unanimously by the jury that evaluated in this way the excellent quality of the sketches presented at the time by urban.


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  3. These sketches all the grandchildren of Urbano remember them at his home in Santiago de Compostela, Hórreo Street, 43 – 1º, which lived with his widow and grandmother, also serving as legal guardian Carmen García Arbuthnot. (Miguel head Anido and Carmela González García, parents had already died all of them underage and as it was mandatory was a family Council presiding as magistrate D. Fermín Bouza Brey and vowels D. Miguel Pérez Esteso, D. Ramón Baltar Domínguez, D. Julio de el Rio, D. Félix Belsol and Pedret married Pauline D.). Her grandmother out folders with drawings of urban, among which was one that contained sketches of the Auditorium, and taught them with great fondness that it explained its meaning, recalling with sadness the death of Urbano, his grandfather.

  5. At the beginning of the 1950s was presented at home Don Dionisio Gamallo Fierros, painter and critic of art, and in front of two grandchildren asked Grandma if it could provide sketches of the Auditorium. The grandmother stirred in their seats and visibly nervous told him no, but he insisted giving his word to return them is immediately. Both porfió Mr Gamallo than Dña Carmen García Arbuthnot, already very major, finished accessing the loan trusting the word of Mr Gamallo, while this was promising him his immediate return. The grandmother Carmen died in the year 1953, and Mr Gamallo never realized, as well as of the sketches, until they began to appear in books and lectures dedicated to Mr. Fenollera.
  6. Minerva

    Minerva. Central outline of the ceiling of the Auditorium


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  7. Before the end of this exhibition, is intended to make it clear that the intention is not to put into question the work done by Fenollera in the Auditorium of the University of Santiago de Compostela. D. José María Fenollera Ibáñez and D. Urbano González Varela were close friends, so when urban was very serious incurable disease that led him to death, was Fenollera which took charge of the completion of the works of painting of the ceiling of the Auditorium. This article only tries to expose the true reality on the authorship of the original sketches of the paintings of the Auditorium and not on the completion of its ceiling paintings.

Intends this to heal an old wound and recover the authorship of the pictorial work of Urbano González Varela.