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Urbano González Varela, journalist, poet and writer, belonged to the first Board of Directors of the newspaper La Voz de Galicia, founded by Don Juan Fernández Latorre on January 4, 1882 and which was first art director and editor. In this journal, he collaborated as an author of short stories, poems, articles and also as a graphic Illustrator. There are countless Urbano drawings appearing in this journal, example of them being dedicated to the centenary of Don Quixote in Galicia, depicting the Pantheon of Fernán Pérez de Andrade, the door of Santa Maria of the Quicksilver, La ría de Betanzos, the Temple of the Jesuit fathers, the facade of the towers of the high and details of the South Tower and the North Tower. The majority of the first illustrated pages of this newspaper detalle-torre-del-norteat the time are his work.

Urbano also collaborated in other newspapers despite its short life, such as the “Eco de Galicia”, “El Noroeste” or “El Alcance”, which illustrations are preserved of earlier them pages. In one of these newspapers, also came to exercise musical criticism with remarkable success.

In the “Revista Gallega”, weekly literature and regional interests, directed by Galo Salinas, he also published a lot of his stories.

July 24, 1891, in the first floral games, held in Tuy, obtained by “Amor e Meigueria” the award for the best play written in verse and in Galician.

It should be noted that these floral games were the first public act performed entirely in Galician and where we can highlight the fact that the two main exposed speeches by President D. Manuel Murguía and D. Salvador Cabeza Secretary de León were also in Galician.

Portada del Libro Cantares de Urbano González Varela. Real Academia Galega

Cover of the book Cantares of Urbano González Varela. Real Academia Galega

Anecdotally we can comment to the Secretary of the Galician regionalist Association (chaired by Manuel Murguía), Salvador Cabeza de León, was who closed the event with his speech and who read the jury’s decision. Much later, Salvador Cabeza become the son’s father-in-law of Urbano.

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He published books of stories like “Between lights”, “Songs” and “Study on Gregorio Hernández” work, already cited above. Many were his poems, being the best “ELA”, which defined Carballo Calero “as very inspired and intimate and Nordic romanticism”.

About the poem of Urbano “Carmela”, the famed musician José Baldomir Rodríguez composed a popular melody

He was a founding member and first President of the Asociación de la Prensa de A Coruña. July 13, 2010, the city of A Coruña agreed to give its name to a street in the city.