retrato-urbano-gonzalez-varelaUrbano González Varela was born in Santiago de Compostela on March 3, 1868 and died also in Santiago de Compostela city on April 24, 1906, shortly after reaching the age of 38.

José Antonio Durán, published June 10, 1982, in La Voz de Galicia, a page about Urbano González Varela in which among other things said:

“Today, many years after his premature death, were surprised with this gallery of portraits, environments, vignettes, whose quality stands out in more blind eyes”.

John Naya Perez, journalist, historian Galician and academic numerary of the Galician Academy of fine arts, wrote on March 17, 1984 in La Voz de Galicia:

“Urbano was sympathetic, tolerant and generous. He lived with the joy of the early years, he alternated with not only those who were more similar in art, such as Ovidio Murguía, Vaamonde and Lorman; or in journalism with Faginas, Barreiro, Dafonte and Pan de Soraluce, but also with the rest of their fellow citizens. Everywhere it was admired and wanted.”

His premature death in all newspapers and Galician institutions published articles and compositions of praise and great sorrow for his death, being one of the most heartfelt that in verse dedicated to him by his brother-in-law, Manuel Lugrís Freire (father of the painter Urbano Lugrís González), and which serves as an introduction to this web page made In Memoriam of our grandfather URBANO GONZÁLEZ VARELA.

Na morte d’Urbano Gonzalez


M. Lugrís Freire (A Coruña, May 1906)